Qual é a importância do inglês para a carreira médica?

What is the importance of English for a medical career?

Currently, the flow of information and people is increasingly intense. In this way, English has become a kind of “official” language among professionals from different sectors and countries. And this is no different in the medical field.

To understand more about this topic, in today's post we'll learn about the importance of English for the medical field and see three main benefits of being fluent in the language for doctors and doctors.

The importance of English in the medical career

O Portal Viver de Medicina explains that the reasons for mastering English for a medical career are diverse. For example, since college, future doctors who have a good knowledge of the English language show better performance in studies, having access to more current and relevant information, such as publications, studies and research.

In addition, throughout their professional trajectory, the medical professional will need to use English frequently in their routine to keep themselves constantly updated.

Key benefits of mastering English for doctors

Let's know now 3 (three) main benefits of being fluent in English in the medical field?

professional opportunities

We already know that, in all areas, the professional who really stands out is the one who takes advantage of opportunities and is always up-to-date. And, in Medicine, this is fundamental for career development and finding the best professional opportunities.

Thus, in order to follow the specialized literature in the area and be able to effectively participate in symposia and congresses, command of English is essential. In other words, English is essential for constant updating.

Experiences across borders

Whether to study abroad, or to seek opportunities in other countries or through programs such as Médecins Sans Frontières and the Red Cross, being fluent in English is essential in order not to miss out on these opportunities.

medical research

Medicine evolves, beyond technological advancement, also through medical research. Most scientific articles and studies carried out, whether in hospitals or universities, are published in English. So, whether as a reader of these researches or as the research team itself, being fluent in English is essential to access and be part of the research.

Thus, we can see that the command of English for the medical field is important as it is a way to access new knowledge, opportunities, as well as new life experiences.

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