Se você ainda não é fluente inglês, conheça agora 3 razões para você começar a estudar este idioma hoje mesmo

3 good reasons to start studying English today

We already know that, in Brazil, a very low percentage of people are fluent in English. However, when we compare with other countries in the world, we realize how our country is in a situation far below any average.

 According to G1 Portal, Brazil does not advance in the world ranking of English proficiency and loses 12 positions. In other words, Brazil is still in the group of countries with “low proficiency” in English, according to the English Proficiency Index (EPI). Thus, Brazil moved from 41st to 53rd position.

This scenario creates many opportunities for those few people with language proficiency. If that reason is not enough to convince you to learn English today, Uniway has separated in today's post 3 more good reasons for you to study English. Let's meet them?

Reason 1: Access to international opportunities

According to the Exchange University, those who are fluent in English have access to several international opportunities, whether from courses and exchanges abroad, as well as professional experiences, both in Brazilian companies that are in the process of internationalization, as well as foreign companies installed in Brazil.

In other words, fluency in English opens up a wide range of international opportunities, whether for a person to go abroad and discover new adventures (whether as a student or as a professional) or to continue here.

Reason 2: Broadening cultural horizons

Already according to Victory Sheet, despite the fact that Brazilian dubs are one of the best in the world, nothing replaces watching movies and series in the original language, right?!

So, watching movies and series becomes a much richer experience when you get in touch with the original language in which it was recorded, with jokes and local terms, expanding your knowledge of the language and also accessing cultural issues.

And that goes for music, audiobooks, and more, too. Also, for some specific areas, such as Information Technology (IT), Medicine and many others, much of the most up-to-date knowledge, as well as articles and studies, are in English. In other words, to keep up-to-date in the profession, being fluent in English ends up being essential.

Reason 3: Travel becomes a much more complete experience

We already know that English is the global language, don't we?! Even though the country does not officially speak English, this language is the “official” for travel and business.

Being fluent in English provides a completely different travel experience: from being able to communicate much more fluently (at customs at the destination airport, asking for tourist information, at the hotel, at the restaurant, among others), as well as to understand the different contexts of the visits.

For example, in museums, it is common to have explanations in English about the work. In other words, it's much easier for you to understand this whole new universe and make a real immersion during your vacation trip.

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