Let's go story? Tips for websites with children's stories and videos in English

Did you know that a child's ability to absorb learning during childhood is much greater? Therefore, many parents prefer that English studies be started at this stage.  

Therefore, it becomes essential to adopt a more playful approach to help the little ones in the knowledge of words and in the process of memorization.

To help you further in this process of offering playful stimuli to your children, we have separated tips for you on websites with children's stories and videos in English. Thus, you will be able to have a good time with your family while improving your English skills.

Storyline Online

O Education Channel presents the digital platform Storyline Online, as a great option for reading children's books in English.

The platform stands out for having its videos narrated with the voice of American artists, such as Viola Davis and Rami Malek. In addition, the stories are accompanied by animated illustrations, which attract children's attention.


YouTube is a free platform that can help little ones learn English. On this platform, children can improve their speaking and listening skills while expanding their vocabulary.

Below, we will highlight two perfect channels for your children to learn in a playful way. Follow!

Peekaboo Kidz

The channel Peekaboo Kidz features several animations that tell everyday situations through fun stories.

In this way, videos are ideal for children to pronounce words better, while understanding English more naturally.

Little Angel: Nursery Rhymes and Kidz Songs

already the channel little angel is excellent because it tells the stories with characters and music, in addition to very colorful videos and with an easy-to-understand pronunciation.

With this type of video it is possible to train the listening of children with much more fun.

Short Stories For Children

Short Stories for Children is an online platform that features dozens of children's stories in the form of fairy tales, fables and lullabies. The stories are short and have illustrations throughout the texts.

It is not necessary to register on the site to access the stories: just click on the chosen cover and read. In addition, the platform allows you to save your favorite stories to read whenever you want.

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