O que as empresas mais procuram nos funcionários bilingues

What do companies look for most in bilingual employees?

Companies are increasingly demanding and are looking for a greater number of skills. Among them, the command of English has become very relevant.

Thus, bilingual professionals have been disputed. But, after all, why do companies look for bilingual employees?

That's why, in today's post, we'll understand more about how mastering English can positively impact earnings and see why companies are looking for bilingual employees. Let´s go?!

Being bilingual has a positive impact on salary

Companies know the importance of having, in their workforce, bilingual people. And they are willing to pay for it.

According to G1 Portal, being bilingual (in this case, fluent in English) can be decisive for the salary to be higher, as indicated by the 52nd edition of the Salary Survey carried out by Catho.

For example, a professional in a coordination position earns 61% more than a person in the same position, but who has only a basic knowledge of the language.

In management positions, the difference in salary between someone who is bilingual (speaks English fluently) and a professional who does not have this skill is 42%, according to the same survey.

Why do companies look for bilingual professionals?

The reasons can be different for a certain company to want to have bilingual collaborators on its team.

For example, a study from Penn State University found that bilingual people are better at multitasking and prioritizing activities.

Also, another study pointed out that bilinguals are able to process information much faster and easier than those people who only speak a single language.  

There are also other reasons, such as:

New Learning Opportunities

Many news, studies and courses, when launched, are in English. Only after some time do the translations appear.

Thus, a bilingual employee can be constantly updated.

Access to new markets

An employee who is fluent in English can more easily prospect new opportunities in the market, whether in relation to new international customers, as well as suppliers and other types of partnerships.

Inspiration for the team

Having bilingual employees in the workplace can inspire other employees to learn English, raising the level of the entire team.

Main areas looking for bilingual professionals

In general, the following areas have increasingly required employees who are fluent in English:

  • International relations;
  • Tourism;
  • Information Technology (YOU);
  • Engineering;
  • Accounting;
  • Agribusiness;
  • Foreign trade.

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