Conheça os inúmeros benefícios de aprender um novo idioma e veja como é possível aprender inglês em um curto período.

How long can it take to learn a new language?

when a person wants learn English, is often anxious for the results to come very quickly. Obviously, with the correct and personalized method, it is possible to learn English in a short time, for example in 6 months.

And this fluency in a new language, in addition to opening new professional doors, is also good for the brain, you know? THE TecMundo Portal explains that learning a new language can physically increase brain size. And with that, it brings other benefits, such as: improves memory, decision-making power improvement, native language improvement, The Brain becomes healthier and much more.

Regardless of what the goal is, the question is: after all, how long does it take to learn a new language?

How long can it take to learn English?

According to the BBC, many experts agree that it is entirely possible to make significant progress in learning a new language with just one hour of study a day.

However, how long this learning will take will vary according to numerous variables. For example, there are languages that are much more complex, such as Japanese, which will require a longer time to master the language.

In addition to the language being an important variable, there are other aspects that need to be taken into account, such as objective, current level of fluency, how many hours will be dedicated per day, among other aspects.

However, as we have already discussed in another post, it is possible to learn another language, such as English, in a short time, like 6 months. We made a detailed post about iton here.

Tips to learn English faster

O Exam Portal brings some tips for a person to learn English faster. Shall we meet them?


Imagine that you have to say in English the phrase “I need a phone urgently” in two different situations: in the classroom, during an oral exercise, or in the middle of a dark street in New York, after having lost your documents. When will you demand more from your brain?

The answer is obvious, isn't it?! The greater the need to understand a language or express oneself in it, the faster the learning process.  

Series and movies

It is possible to learn a lot about the English language through movies and series available, for example, at Netflix.

Obviously, this strategy needs to be complementary to a more dedicated study and with a personalized methodology according to the needs of each student. Thus, you will make associations between form, sound and meaning, as well as train the recognition of several words in the other language.


In addition to movies and series, music can also help (and a lot). First you can follow the song with the lyrics to try to understand the meaning of the song.

Another strategy is to try to “take the music by ear”. As you listen to a song in English, try to transcribe the lyrics onto paper by ear. Obviously you will only be able to do this partially at the beginning. However, your ear will be trained, every day, to hear in English.

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