Entenda o que levar em consideração na hora de escolher o melhor curso de inglês para você não perder nem tempo e nem dinheiro

Online English course: how to choose the best one?

The job market has increasingly demanded fluency in English. But make no mistake: even for exclusively Brazilian companies, the importance of knowing English is fundamental in several selection processes. And even for the most young who still have the entire faculty ahead of them, mastering a second language allows access to the latest innovations in the field, as well as online courses and publications.

If you're looking for an English course that actually brings excellent results, in today's post we'll understand how to choose the best english course so you don't waste time or money.

What do I need to know to choose the best English course?

A mistake many make when choosing an English course online is to opt for the cheapest: other factors such as methodology, assessments, teachers are not analyzed, only the tuition fee. Obviously, the value needs to be one of the variables to be analyzed, but don't fall into this trap of just observing this aspect.

Main types of English course

  • traditional courses: they are concerned with learning grammar and teach a language that is often out of context from the daily lives of students. Also, they use traditional methodologies where the student is a mere listener.
  • vacation course: is a short program for those who already have a medium and advanced level of knowledge in the language;
  • Business English course: aimed at those looking to improve their skills in the business world;
  • conversation course: aimed at those who wish to develop knowledge of speech and listening;
  • course to exchange: ideal for those seeking a directive and oriented learning for their type of travel.
  • Student-focused English course: teaches the four aspects of a new language (listening, speaking, writing and reading, that is, listening, speaking, writing and reading), and the student is the protagonist of their own learning, with flexibility and autonomy.

Set goals: why do I want to learn English?

Determining your goals with learning English guides your choice, in addition to opening up countless possibilities that would not have been evaluated before.

Furthermore, knowing your purpose with the course makes it much easier to adapt the schedule to your routine, as well as finding a program that brings flexibility and results for you.

Research different teaching methodologies

Be sure to ask and understand about teaching methods, assessment and the teaching material.

Some aspects to be taken into account if the English course has:

  • Flexibility: you study wherever and whenever you want, with flexibility;
  • Interactive features: you can take classes with various resources such as videos, movies, among others;
  • Updated content: because of the ease of updating, courses often contain constantly updated content;
  • Networking: you have colleagues from all over the world, further increasing your networking.

 Exercises and activities

One good english course it has complementary exercises and activities, with several different formats, to measure the development of students' learning. Thus, each student will be able to know their evolution and improvement points.

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