Como começar a estudar inglês nas férias?

How to start studying English on vacation?

After almost two years of uncertainties, little by little, routines resume and plans are once again part of people's daily lives. And a lot of people want to start the year 2022 already studying English.

For this, many want to take advantage of these holidays to start their studies and have a more intense rhythm. Thus, with the return of activities in February or March, the study of English will already be part of the routine.

To understand more about this topic, in the post we will see how to use the holidays to start studying English.

Knowing English is still very important (at all ages)

More than ever, English has become essential as the most globalized form of communication.

According to Exam Portal, in a study by Hays, English appears as the most requested language in the internal communication of companies (with 91%), followed by Spanish (with 42%). However, on the other hand, according to a survey by Catho, only 5% of the Brazilian population speak a second language and less than 3% are fluent in English. And to fill this gap, many students and professionals want to find ways to learn english fast. And using the holidays for that can be an excellent strategy.

Is it possible to use the holidays to start studying English?

Certainly. The vacation period is marked by rest and relaxation. Therefore, our brain is more “airy” and predisposed to absorb new subjects. And studying English while on vacation doesn't have to be monotonous and boring: with creativity and a good plan, it's possible to enjoy the summer and start a new project to develop the English language.

Movies and series

Everyone loves to enjoy movies or marathon a series during the holidays, right?! How about integrating this fun with immersion in English?

To get started, choose to watch the movie or series with Portuguese subtitles. As you start to understand some dialogues and expressions, how about watching it in original audio without subtitles or original audio with English subtitles?

This will certainly help you a lot in studying English.

Change the language of your electronics

How about changing the language of your smartphone and apps to English? It may seem simple, but this is a creative way to practice English. During the holidays, many spend more time browsing on their cell phones and this is a way to have contact with English for a few hours of the day. 

How about taking an online English course with a certificate?

For you to boost your English learning during the holidays even more, sign up for a online english course specialized in practical results will be essential.

A mistake many make when choosing an English course online is to opt for the cheapest: other factors such as methodology, assessments, teachers are not analyzed. Only the monthly fee is analyzed. Obviously the value needs to be one of the variables to be taken into account, but don't fall into this trap of just observing this aspect.

Also, evaluate the certificate issue. Some online english courses, such as the Uniway School, offer the certificate of completion for those students who have successfully completed their course. The certificate is a kind of document that certifies that the student has satisfactorily completed the English course.

In addition, in the case of Uniway School, we offer exclusive plans geared towards those who want a certification of proficiency (which is different from the certificate of completion of the English course).

And there? Would you like to know more about how to use your vacation to study English? Uniway is one of the best online English schools. In addition, we are present in over 50 countries and we are one edtech that is always innovating.

Our digital methodology is designed for everyone to achieve the best results, regardless of age.  

What are you waiting for? Talk now with one of our consultants and see the super special conditions. And do you want to keep updating yourself? Always follow the news from our blog.

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