Do you know the importance of networking for your personal and professional life?

Relationships and relationships have never been more important, you know? In the information age, cultivating and maintaining ties is essential, both for the present and for the future.

Especially when one of the short or medium term objectives is study or live abroad: networking becomes even more important.

Therefore, in today's post we will understand what the Theory of Six Degrees of Separation is and see the importance of having a diversified networking for your life. Are you curious or curious? Let´s go!

Six Degree Separation Theory and Kevin Bacon

Have you heard of the Six Degree Separation Theory? This theory originated from a study developed by psychologist Stanley Milgram. In the study, he developed the theory that a maximum of six bonds of friendship are needed for two people to be connected.

Since then, this theory has even inspired theater plays and comedies in the cinema. Oh, and a website too. The Oracle Bacon is a portal that shows how an actor, in the Kevin Bacon case, relates to other artists, whether from American films or not. It's worth checking out to see how artists are connected to Kevin Bacon.

You may be wondering: and what does the Six Degree Separation Theory have to do with choosing my English course?! Everything! The world is increasingly interconnected. And this is not only in relation to technological, geographic, behavioral aspects ... but also in relation to your networking.

Do you know what networking is?

The translation of the word networking means: building and maintaining a network of contacts. And having a good network of relationships is essential for anyone, for the most diverse reasons.

Rich and diverse networking can increase your opportunities for professional success. In what way? Through the coexistence and support of people with similar purposes and objectives, it is possible to create new projects, make contacts and much more.  

And how can Uniway courses help to increase your networking?

The platform Uniway it is present in more than 50 countries, with dozens of students of the most diverse nationalities. Imagine you have class (and contact) with so many different people, but always with a common vision: the English as a way to conquer the world.

In addition to good friendships, this very diverse networking will certainly be important at different times in your life, whether in the personal aspect or professional, Is not it?!

And what are you waiting for? Talk now with someone from our team and get to know our courses.

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