Uniway Academic Advising: the darling of Uniway students

If you are planning to study or live abroad, you already know that the way to go is quite challenging, isn't it ?! Especially in several more bureaucratic aspects, whether here in Brazil or in the country where you intend to study.

But imagine not being alone during this walk? Or, better: have someone by your side, with a lot of experience, helping you along this journey ?! It looks like a dream…. but it is not.

Nice to meet you at the Uniway Academic Advising department. Nice to meet you!

How does the Uniway structure work?

Uniway is much more than just an English school: it is a edtech focused on proficiency exams. And what does that mean? That your goal is not just for the student to learn certain content, but for him to achieve his true goals.

In general, one of the main goals of our students is to achieve study abroad. However, having a good grade in one of the proficiency exams (TOELF or IELTS, for example) required by major international universities is just one of the necessary steps.

Meet the Uniway Academic Advising department

Yes, Uniway really is an edtech that generates solutions for its students. For this reason, it created the Uniway Academic Advising department. Its aim is to better target / instruct Uniway students.

Like this? Many students who take the proficiency test are, in a second moment, not sure how to continue their application at a University abroad. 

Thus, the Uniway Academic Advising department was created exactly for this: to guide the student to fulfill his dream. Among its functions are:

  • Assist students in understanding and completing graduation requirements;
  • Assist students with the registration of the appropriate course;
  • Advise students on university policies and procedures, program requirements and other academic matters;
  • Monitor students closely to proactively identify risk scenarios, as well as identify opportunities to develop, implement, measure and improve strategies for greater academic success;
  • Work closely with the University staff to ensure that student inquiries are strategically coordinated and answered in a timely manner.

In addition to many other functions, which materialize in great benefits for Uniway students.

You don't just want an English course, do you? This is what we at Uniway, we do: we help our students to make dreams come true.

Talk now with someone from our team and get to know our courses.

And you want to keep updating yourself on how to study, work or live abroad? Always follow the news of our blog.

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