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TOEFL simulation: get to know the Uniway practice and simulation platform

Before taking the TOEFL proficiency test, many people look to drills to get an estimate of performance. And did you know that the Uniway School created an even more complete platform for you?

Therefore, in today's post, we will understand more about how the Uniway Practices and Simulations Platform works and learn about its main advantages. Let´s go?!

How does the Uniway Practice and Simulation Platform work?

Through Uniway Practice and Simulation Platform you have access to 6 (six) test options, which are:

  • TOEFL;
  • IELTS;
  • TOEIC;
  • CEFR;
  • 2-Skill-CEFR;
  • A2 Flyers.

What about Uniway's TOEFL Simulation Platform?

The TOEFL Uniway Platform is the world's first adaptive platform focused on English proficiency testing training.

But that's not all: our great advantage is the use of software that understands the specific difficulties of each student and, thus, adapts the questions based on these weaknesses.

Oh, and there's more: in addition to the questions being adapted according to your performance, there is the preparation of an individual performance report so you can understand what your strengths are and your points of improvement.

That is, what you need to focus on to have an even better result at the time of the "real test". And all this within each of the 4 (four) skills charged in the TOEFL proficiency test.

Learn more about our TOEFL simulation platform

The TOEFL Uniway simulation offers:

  • 900 Reading questions;
  • 500 Listening Practice Questions;
  • 120 Speaking Practice questions;
  • 60 Writing Practice questions;
  • Examples of correct and appropriate answers for each Writing and Speaking Practice question;
  • 1 Personalized report on your performance in our TOEFL Simulation (report available within 72 hours);
  • Speaking and Writing assessment by Cambridge and TOEFL certified teachers;
  • Note designed for TOEFL.

Ah… in addition to all these benefits, you can try our platform for 7 days for free. Want to know how? Click here and enjoy all these advantages.

Are you excited or excited? How about starting to prepare today for your proficiency test? THE Uniway School is here to help you make your dreams come true.

We are an English school and edtech present in more than 50 countries and with a methodology created so that you achieve the best results. Therefore, we are specialized in exams TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS

Want to know more as you get closer to your dream of study abroad? Talk now with one of our consultants.

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