Veja a importância de fazer intercâmbio para todas as idades e conheça mais sobre a agência Mundo Intercâmbio, parceira da Uniway School

How about an international experience?

The importance of mastering the English language is already a common sense, isn't it?! In addition to taking an English course with a personalized and accelerated methodology, doing an exchange program can also be fundamental for the journey of true fluency in the language.

In today's text, let's get to know Mundo Intercâmbio, Uniway School's partner agency.  

Is having an international experience important?

Doing an immersion in an English-speaking country is certainly an incredible experience, not only because of the language experience, but because of the countless relationships that are created, from professional to personal.

According to Tourism and Innovation Portal, the exchange enables the development of skills to achieve the desired fluency. And, for that, it is necessary to stimulate the three fundamental elements: writing, listening and conversation.

And anyone who thinks that exchange is just something for young people is wrong: according to the Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association (beautiful), the increased demand of people between 40 and 59 years old interested in having this experience of exchange was 11.2%. And in the age group between 30 and 39 years it was 23.8%.

O Portal Uol explains that more mature people seek to exchange for, basically, two reasons:

  • improve the language to keep up with the demands of the company where they work;
  • interest in cultural exchange.

In addition to these reasons, there is also the issue of networking, which brings several benefits to those who have this experience abroad after the age of 30.

Who is Mundo Intercambio?

THE World Exchange is from the same founders of Uniway School and was created in 2013 with the purpose of awakening people's full potential through a truly transformative international experience.

Mundo Intercâmbio has already transformed the lives of more than 4,000 people in 121 cities in 34 countries around the world. For this, it invests in digital technology that helps to make travel smooth and safe, but always in a personalized way according to the goals of each student.

Main types of exchanges at Mundo Intercâmbio

There are several types of exchanges, such as:

  • Go Work Program: reserved for men and women who want to study and work abroad;
  • Go Business Program: the exchange favors the mastery of the language focused on the business world for entrepreneurs, managers and leaders.
  • Go 30+: exchange for people over 30 who want to study English;
  • Go College: it is aimed at Brazilian students who wish to take a technical course abroad and return with an improved curriculum to the Brazilian market;
  • Demir Pair: aimed at young people of both sexes who want to study English and stay with families. In return, they take care of the children and household chores. The program is aimed at exchange students who choose Australia;
  • Go Internal Option: It is ideal for university students who want to work abroad.

And if you're looking for new international challenges, you want to know more about World Exchange? MI is an exchange agency, partner of Uniway School, focused on providing unforgettable and transformative experiences for students. Discover more with team of experts.

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