What are the main costs of the exchange?

Whoever intends to do an exchange program needs to take into account some costs in the planning phase of this dream. Obviously, it is difficult to put all the values right on paper, especially because several prices are pegged to the dollar (which varies daily).

However, it is important that you start to organize some costs during the phase of planning your season abroad.

And, to help you, in today's post we'll see what are the main costs you need to take into account when planning your international exchange. Let´s go?!

Main exchange costs: Planning Phase

Let's see what are the main costs that will need to be taken into account in the planning phase for your exchange?


Most countries require a passport for entry by Brazilian citizens. Therefore, when planning your exchange, you need to calculate this cost as well.

To get your passport, you need to:

In general, after 15 days the passport is available to be picked up. However, it is important to confirm the deadline on the day you are going to perform the face-to-face stage.

Even if you do not know exactly when you are going to do the exchange, it is worth anticipating this documental part: currently, the Brazilian passport is valid for 10 years.

Visa, Health Insurance and Airfare

Visa-related costs vary widely. The first difference, obviously, is in relation to the country.

Therefore, when you decide the destination country for your exchange, go to the embassy's website here in Brazil and check the updated values to obtain the visa.

Some examples of values:

  • Student Visa Value Canada: CAD 150;
  • Student Visa Value United States (US): MRV fee (US Visa Application Fee) of USD 160 plus SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) fee of USD 200. Total USD 360.

Values in relation to airfare and health insurance will also vary according to several variables.

For example, in relation to health insurance, the main variables that impact the price are: country of destination, length of stay, age of the applicant, coverage, among others.

Certification Proof

Depending on your course and institution, an English proficiency certification is likely to be required.

In the academic area, the TOEFL IBT and TOEFL ITP are the most common. So the sooner you start preparing for the TOEFL certification, best.

In relation to values: the price of the TOEFL IBT test is currently US$245

So, if you want to do an exchange program soon, it's already possible to start making part of the documentation: in addition to being important not to leave everything to the last minute, it's a way of diluting expenses over the months, instead of concentrating everything in the semester of the trip.

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