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Complete Solution English Discoveries:

  • Teaching and learning materials in digital format (free paper) with the possibility of being printed by the licensee.
  • Online and offline English platform in general (English Discoveries): Composed of ten learning courses from basic to advanced level (C1) with a study network each.

Each 2 courses represent a level of the Common European Framework. The objective is to cover a level of the common European framework in approximately 6 months of study if students dedicate between 3 and 6 hours a week and can reach level B1 in 18 to 24 months.

  • Platform for use in the modality Blended Learning: We offer you the platform to be used in the SELF study mode or Blended Learning. When used as Blended Learning, it is recommended to combine virtual material with face-to-face English classes, thus increasing the exposure of the student or teacher to the language. The entire teaching-learning system is monitored through the Management System (TMS) to control pedagogy in the use and progress of each user.
  • Learning materials in digital format for students for individual and class use (Handouts, Guided discussions, etc.).
  • Teaching materials in digital format for teachers for individual and class use (Lesson Plans, Handouts, Answer Keys, Learning Outcomes).
  • Authoring Tool (Authoring Tool) which makes it possible to create your own multimedia content in addition to the existing ones.
  • Teacher Management System (TMS) or Management System for the teacher and the system administrator by which it will be possible to monitor the use of the platform visually (metrics of importance), such as: student progress, exam scores, participation in the use of the platform, development in the use of each one of 4 skills including writting and speaking. Printing reports.
  • Community Site or community website where the student can perform extra activities: Games curricula, readings of articles of general interest and current news with monthly updated content.
plataforma online de inglês
  • The content, scope and sequence, learning results and level of proficiency of each of the courses are aligned with the common European framework and the TOEFL and TOEIC exams.
  • Online / offline courses and study materials cover all 4 learning skills (Writting, Speaking, Reading and Listening), as well as grammar and vocabulary. The courses are based on an integrative methodology in which the student is exposed to the 4 skills simultaneously, imitating the use of the language in real life.
  • The courses are “assessment driven” or oriented towards ETS certifications (TOEFL and TOEIC), as they direct the student to reinforce bases and future development in these exams.
  • The courses are based on a constant learning methodology based on metrics and continuous exams: Under the assessment driven methodology, the 10 courses constantly provide a learning environment based on learning metrics or continuous exams that accompany the entire learning cycle from (1) placement exam, (2) weekly exams per unit (3) mid-course exam or mid term and (4) end-of-course exam at each level.
  • Matrix or application that allows you to prioritize the different percentages or weights that you want to assign to the components of the students' final grades.
  • Product training or certified training in the use of the personalized blended learning program by Uniway School.
  • Values added without additional costs:
  • (1) All exam sets for all courses from placement exams, mid-course exams and final exams for each of the courses,
  • (2) Platform customization
  • (3) Training and Certification in the use of the solution, product and methodology for the successful implementation of the program,
  • (4) E-Rater or online application of automatic correction for the learning and practice of writing in English.
  • Three lines of technical, pedagogical and continuous implementation support: You receive 3 support lines: technical, pedagogical and continuous implementation.

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