Descubra por que é importante que as empresas invistam para que seus colaboradores dominem o inglês

My employees do not speak English. And now?!

A company that intends to expand its business beyond the Brazilian borders needs to have a trained team with domain of english. And when we talk about expansion, we are not necessarily talking about exports. That is, sell out.

We talk about other forms of business interactions, from importation, exchange of technologies, training, among others.

If, in your company, employees do not speak the English language, don't miss this post. Let´s go!

Yes, English is very important for business!

Those who think that only multinationals need English-speaking employees.

According to sebrae, speaking another language is very important for many activities. Not only for the trading part itself, but for accessing recent research and publications (ie, the trader keeping up to date); to perform networking; and much more.

And what's wrong? Few people in Brazil actually speak English. According to a Catho research, only 5% of the Brazilian population speaks a second language, with less than 3% fluent in English.

In addition, if the requirement of fluency in another language was more directed towards senior executive positions in large companies, in recent times it is possible to verify this need in different types of positions and in all sizes of companies, including small organizations.

And are companies investing in their employees?

A 2019 study of Hays he pointed out that the number of companies offering support for language courses, including English, has grown.

Just to give you an idea of some numbers: on the part of the companies, 54% offer assistance with language courses for employees. Compared to 2017, this number was only 34%.

In addition, English (91%) is still by far the most requested language in companies' internal communication, followed by Spanish (42%), according to Hays.

How can I have collaborators mastering English?

There is no secret: it is necessary to invest and train your team. How about optimizing this experience through the online english teaching?

THE Uniway School it's an english school and edtech present in more than 50 countries. It has a methodology created so that everyone can achieve the best results, including business English (business English). Talk now with one of our consultants and see the special conditions for companies. And do you want to keep updating yourself? Always follow the news from our blog.

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