Os jovens brasileiros não falam inglês: mas o mercado de trabalho exige

Young Brazilians do not speak English: but the job market demands

We already know that English is the universal language, don't we?! Whether for business, culture, technology, networking, mastering English opens up countless opportunities.

Therefore, in today's post, we will learn about some research that demonstrates that Brazilians do not speak English and understand why the job market increasingly needs professionals who are fluent in the language. Let´s go?!

Brazilian youth do not speak English

Young people do not speak English. And that's a problem in an increasingly globalized world.

O Business Universe Portal brings a British Council study that reveals that only 10.3% of 18 to 24 year olds claim to know English.

And when we look at the population as a whole, this percentage is even more frightening: according to another survey by British Council It's from Popular Data Research Institute, only 5% of the country's population speak the language, with 1% of them being really fluent.

increasingly globalized labor market

A few decades ago, need for the english language to workplace was very limited to some very specific contexts:

  • Board of Directors (high positions);
  • Working in a multinational, where the position required constant interaction with units in other countries;
  • Opportunities for work outside the country.

However, as we have seen, with the intensification of globalization, interactions have expanded a lot: today, organizations of all sizes have a need for professionals with command of the English language.

In addition to the job opportunities in multinationals located here in Brazil, there is also the possibility of applying for vacancies in Brazilian companies that have branches abroad. Or even go to a new country and apply for a position directly there.

Another fundamental point is the issue of training and qualifications, which are often given in English, both in face-to-face and digital format, as well as technical books. In this case, mastering English will allow for a constant update.

Why do people want to learn English?

And this has motivated many people to learn English. O Business Universe Portal revealed that one of the main reasons people want to learn English is to expand their knowledge is to get an excellent job opportunity.

Another interesting insight from the survey is that 6% of respondents who already study the language believe that they will have a salary increase due to knowledge of the language.

12% of people who still intend to study have the belief that their salary will increase as a result of the English course.

In other words, the research reveals that there is a belief that learning English (and, consequently, acquiring the skills resulting from learning this language) is essential to enter the labor market in even more qualified positions.

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