What is TOEIC?

The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is a standardized and internationally recognized English proficiency exam. The test is used to assess candidates' knowledge of the English language within the English-speaking professional environment. The candidates are mainly employees of international companies, people who seek to position themselves better in the job market or people who wish to follow an international training.

TOEIC is recognized by thousands of international higher education institutions and companies spread across the world.

Every year, about 6 million people take the test.

There are 3 versions of TOEIC:

  • The test TOEIC Listening & Reading: assesses the candidate's listening and reading skills, from intermediate to advanced level. The test has 200 multiple-choice questions, carried out in person in paper version.
  • The tests TOEIC Speaking & Writing: tests the candidate's oral and written communication skills in English, from intermediate to advanced levels. Speaking and Writing tests are conducted online.
  • The test TOEIC Bridge measures the candidate's oral and written comprehension skills in English, from beginner to intermediate levels. It is a test of multiple choice questions, in paper version.

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