Entenda o que é um teste de proficiência e conheça mais sobre o exame iTEP e suas modalidades

What is the iTEP proficiency exam?

More and more universities, companies and courses require a proficiency test to certify that the candidate has mastered some aspects of a certain language. In recent years, the iTEP proficiency test has appeared on the market, which is much more modern and agile than the more traditional ones in the area.

To understand more about this topic, in today's post we will understand more about what a proficiency test is, learn about the iTEP exam and its modalities.

Do you know what a proficiency exam is?

According to the Organization Studying Outside, one of the meanings of the word “proficiency” is the full knowledge of a certain subject. In the case of languages, when we talk about certificate of proficiency, it means that the certificate holder is proficient in that language.

Thus, the proficiency exams (tests) are intended to assess whether the person is proficient in that language or not. For this, they all test the student's ability in several essential skills to master a language, such as conversation, reading, writing, among others.

What is the iTEP proficiency exam?

O iTEP is an English Proficiency Test and is internationally recognized in nearly 50 countries. In addition, this proficiency test is also accepted in many Intensive English Programs (IEPs), universities, schools, governments and companies.

One of the differentials of the iTEP proficiency exam is that it is a quick assessment of up to 90 minutes, and its result is quick and very safe. In addition, the candidate can choose to do it on paper or by computer.

The iTEP proficiency test assesses the following skills:

  • Core Version: Listening, Grammar and Reading;
  • Plus version: Listening, Grammar, Reading, Speaking and Writing. It is important to emphasize that the Speaking and Writing assessment (oral and written fluency) is done only by computer.

The result is correlated with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and presents, through a graph, the skills detailed in each of the skills. For example, in addition to the grade in Grammar, the graph identifies the student's performance in verbal tenses, articles, among others, allowing to visually and simply identify topics and content in need of improvement.

In addition, ITEP proficiency tests are divided into two broad categories: Academic Tests and Business/Career Tests. Let's get to know a little more about each of them?

iTEP: Academic Tests

This category covers:

  • iTEP Academic (University): aimed at university and higher courses.
  • iTEP Slape (High School): ideal for high school courses (secondary education).
  • iTEP Exchange: ideal for people who want to apply for exchange or training programs and are seeking J-Visa for the United States.
  • iTEP Snapshot: is the test of choice for students who need to verify their proficiency before arriving on campus. 

iTEP: Business/Career Tests

They are divided into the following categories:

  • Business;
  • Certificate Tests;
  • Conversation;
  • Hospitality;
  • Au Pair;
  • Intern;
  • Aviation.

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