Descubra por que é importante que os profissionais de TI dominem o inglês para alavancar as suas carreiras e ter mais oportunidades no mercado de trabalho

Is English in IT important?

We are increasingly aware that the world is increasing its interactions, not only commercial, but also leisure, training and much more.

And an area that historically uses English is Information Technology (IT). In this sector, the vast majority of terms are in English and when it comes to news and updates, the domain of english becomes even more relevant.

Therefore, in today's post we will understand the importance of English for the IT area. Let´s go!

The expansion of the IT area

Despite the growth of unemployment in Brazil throughout 2020, some areas had growth that remains accelerated even in 2021. This is the case of the IT area.

According to You S/A, the IT area had been growing in recent years and, with social isolation, the various sectors underwent an increase in digitization and the adoption of new tools to enable the continuation of activities in a remote format. Hence, the need for IT professionals has grown tremendously.  

Why is English important in IT?

With this increase in demand in recent years, there is a lack of qualified labor in the IT area in Brazil, as pointed out by magazine computer world. And one of the indirect reasons it's the lack of proficiency in English.

Like this? According to the article, training in IT in Brazil is not in line with the evolution of the international market. In other words, IT courses are focused on traditional technologies and there is no time for a student to update themselves on a market that is evolving very quickly.

Thus, the update takes place through international training, even online, in the English language, as several certifications and specific qualifications in technology and computing are conducted only in that language.

Top reasons for IT professionals to master English

According to BeCode Portal, the top three reasons an IT professional needs to master English are:

  • Manuals and official documentation: major software and applications release their official documentation in English. Until the translated version appeared, some time had passed. Thus, the professional who masters this language can always be one step ahead;
  • International lectures and congresses: all technology sub-areas invest in a series of congresses and workshops (in person or online) for the dissemination of new ideas, with English being the official language.
  • International opportunities: those who want an international career cannot escape the command of English. Even to work in medium or large companies here in Brazil, fluency in English ends up being one of the prerequisites.  

I'm an IT professional: how do I start developing my English today?

If you want to be a qualified IT professional and highly sought after in the market, why not invest in online english learning?

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