Tenho mais de 40 anos de idade e preciso de fluência em inglês, ainda consigo aprender?

English after 40: is it still possible to learn?

We know that the ideal is to learn English, as well as other languages, when you are very young. However, many people do not have this opportunity. Only when he gets close to 40 years old does he realize the importance of mastering English and want to make up for lost time.

Therefore, in today's post, we will understand the challenges of learning English after the age of 40 and see the advantages of doing an exchange program at this age. Let´s go?!

Learning English after age 40: is it possible?

Although many studies show that it is important to learn a new language in childhood in order to have greater fluency, this does not mean that in adulthood it will no longer be possible to master another language.

Learning English after age 40 will need new ways of learning and teaching, such as in relation to strategies,approaches, methods, techniques, among others.

THE BBC explains that adults should not lose heart in learning a language: despite the greater difficulties in relation to children, they are also capable of acquiring a good knowledge of the language, as the researchers point out.

In addition, learning a new language in adulthood is good for the brain and may even delay possible cerebral degeneration diseases such as dementia, according to previous research.

And exchange after 40 years?

Taking an immersion in an English-speaking country will certainly help accelerate your English proficiency. Obviously this is not the only way, but it is a very welcome stimulus.

According to the Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association (beautiful), the increased demand of people between 40 and 59 years old interested in having this experience of exchange was 11.2% in 2018. And in the age group between 30 and 39 years it was 23.8%.

O Portal Uol explains that more mature people seek exchange programs for basically two reasons: those who want to improve their language to keep up with the company demands where they work and who are interested in cultural exchange.

There is also the question of networking which brings several benefits for those who have this experience abroad.

Can you see that it is possible to learn and master English after age 40? What is needed is to find an English school with methods oriented towards this type of profile.

THE Uniway School it's an english school and edtech present in more than 50 countries. It has a methodology created so that everyone achieves the best results, even after 40 years of age.  

Talk now with one of our consultants and see the special conditions. And do you want to keep updating yourself? Always follow the news from our blog.

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