Vamos continuar conhecendo algumas expressões em inglês muito usadas no mundo corporativo e de negócios e descubra o seu significado

Business expressions in English [Part 2]: discover the most common ones

In many companies, regardless of size or industry, many expressions in English are incorporated into everyday life.

CEO, benchmarking, feedback… who hasn't heard one of these terms in a conversation or business meeting, right?

In another post, we brought some business expressions that are widely used in the corporate world. As it was a success, in today's post we will bring you new very common expressions for you to shine in the job market.


This expression is very common in the corporate world and refers to “background” and previous experiences.

For example, in a job interview, if you are asked “What is your background?”, the interviewer wants to know about your experience in the respective field or in which course you have training.


This is another business English expression that is widely used in various scenarios.

“Know-how” literally means “know how”. Basically, it is knowledge in a certain area, function or activities.

FYI: For Your Information

This expression can appear a lot in emails. “FYI” refers to the expression “For Your Information” and basically has the same function as the PSC.

PSC, in Portuguese, means “For Your Knowledge”. Both expressions serve to signal that the subject is just to let the person know about the subject.

OOO: Out Of The Office

This is another common expression in emails. “OOO” is short for “Out Of the Office”.

So when someone sends you a message saying they will be “OOO”, they mean they are or will be out of the office. In other words, it's an absence notice!

B2B and B2C

B2B and B2C are very common expressions in the most diverse areas.

B2B stands for Business to Business, that is, business to business. It is an expression used to describe transactions between two companies, not between a company and a consumer.

B2C, on the other hand, stands for Business to Consumer. It means an action or relationship between a company and the final consumer.

Think outside of the box

This is an expression widely used in the field of Marketing and in organizations that work with the premise of innovation.

It means “thinking outside the box”, which means getting out of the ordinary, going beyond the usual strategies and actions and bringing innovative ideas to the company's development. In other words, bring different and innovative ideas.


The word has become synonymous with quality among professionals, as it means multitasking. It means that the person has the ability to successfully perform two or more different tasks at the same time.

Many companies see multitasking as an important skill, within a context that demands speed and efficiency.

And there? Did you like to know new expressions in English present in the corporate and business world?

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