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English DIscoveries

Exclusive Learning Platform

Developed in conjunction with Edusoft, a global leader in technology-based English teaching solutions, Uniway School's English Discoveries is a complete, fully customizable and interactive platform designed to maximize your learning results.

WHY bring our solution into your company

Online learning

Integrate your own curriculum, or use our own material. Developed to serve all students in online mode.

Strategic differential

In such a digital world, you need to have a quality online tool to further increase your students' engagement.

More registrations

Be more attractive to your students, with the platform you will highlight your digital presence much more.


Placement test

Truly know your students' English level in a completely online test

Complete grammar

All grammar in one place. Simple and interactive access.

Voice recognition

Technology where students can speak and compare pronunciation with that of a native. All of this with automatic voice analysis.

Internal dictionary

The platform allows all words to be translated instantly, with just a click on the words and phrases.

A digital English teaching technology, adaptable and interactive to meet your needs

Courses Aligned to Your Curriculum

Bring your curriculum to life with English lessons based on real sources and authentic content. If you already have a curriculum built, the research team pedagogy experts from Uniway will develop a complementary course for its students that aligns with its structure of lessons and units, its defined proficiency levels and its evaluation criteria.

Platform for Teachers

Take advantage of Uniway's cutting edge technology to offer your own online classes. With the Uniway Teacher Platform, you can schedule and manage individual and group online classes, expanding your reach and increasing your productivity.

Success Stories

The Uniway platform offers a personalized experience to the adapt the content at the level, objective and interest of the students, offering general, exam preparation and career-specific content, with daily updates.

Lan Airlines
Provided LAN pilots with online training in accordance with ICAO Level 4 English requirements, which will also improve their general English skills.
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Ministry of Education - Peru
We increased the English proficiency of more than 385,000 school students across the country
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Santiago de Chile University
We have increased English proficiency of more than 4,000 engineering students.
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UPC - Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas
Implement the ideal pedagogical and technical learning solution 100% online for almost 20,000 students with only 100 teachers.
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Bring your curriculum to life with English lessons based on real sources and authentic content. If you already have a thematic curriculum, the pedagogy experts from Uniway will develop a complementary course for its students that aligns with its structure of lessons and units, its defined proficiency levels and its evaluation criteria.

Vanessa Warmeling
Vanessa Warmeling
Top notch educational institution! With the methodology applied and the dynamics of the classes, we learn lightly. The professionals make us feel at ease, making us really not ashamed of speaking a language we haven't mastered yet.
Magali Khan
Magali Khan
I was introduced to Professor Fabrício through a friend. I needed to take the TOEFL and I didn't know of any courses focused on my needs. Fabrício took a targeted course because I got the grade I needed. He was always available and gave me exceptional support. I got the grade I needed thanks to the support of this unique professional. I greatly appreciate all the support and recommend it to anyone who wants and wants to learn English. Do not give up on your dreams.
Márcio Rosa
Márcio Rosa
The course has a dynamic, informal and effective lesson plan, as it addresses the elements of the English language based on everyday topics. The online platform is very complete, with facilities ranging from learning games to scheduling classes.
Felipe Gama
Felipe Gama
I highly recommend Uniway, I took classes for the Toefl test, and after only 1 month of the course I had a great improvement in understanding and executing the 4 parts of the test. My final grade was 112, largely because of the tips and tricks given during the classes. The teachers are super attentive, it's easy to schedule appointments and it's very flexible to fit in with your routine. In addition, I found the classes very dynamic and that they adapt well to the part of the test where you need more help. Very good experience in general, it is very worth the value of the course!
Gabriel Marques
Gabriel Marques
Certainly the best English school I've ever studied at, Fabrício is an excellent teacher who will always do his best for his students to achieve their goals, thanks to his classes I reached the necessary score on the TOEFL test, an excellent school with an extraordinary teacher.
maikon santos
Maikon Santos
Spectacular course, dynamic class, with a teacher focused on your goal and a top team giving that support in the administrative part. The individual class makes you more comfortable, increasing the evolution of the English language. No doubt it was a great choice!! Teacher Ana, a super professional, conducts the class with mastery!! Thank you Uniway team
Astrid Ramos Mir
Astrid Ramos Mir
I took a little more than a month taking the program and my experience has been very satisfactory. I like the platform, all the material they share and without a doubt my teacher Ana seems like a great support to me. I recommend it!!
Vítor Hugo
Vitor hugo
Excellent service, in a few weeks I'm seeing a huge evolution both in writing, in speaking, in the way of thinking in English, which was very difficult for me. Live classes and the platform are certainly the big differential, teachers give all the necessary support we need. Fabricio is always willing to help and asking how the process is going. A big thank you to Fabricio, Professor Ana who is an excellent professional at what she does, and to the whole team, with you I started to believe that it is possible to reach my goals. Let's go together 🚀
Suellen Ribeiro
Suellen Ribeiro
Super didactic teaching method and wonderful teachers!! My English has clearly improved A LOT in just 3 months of classes! I'm taking online classes twice a week, which makes it easier for me to learn from anywhere in the world. Fabrício is a wonderful teacher!! Super nominate!
Eric Momesso
Eric Momesso
I highly recommend Uniway School!! Excellent teaching methodology focusing on the basics of teaching in English and conversation with individual classes! Excelent reception!!
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