Entenda o que é DET e o TOEFL, veja suas principais diferenças e compreenda os principais pontos sobre a plataforma Duolingo

Duolingo x TOEFL: main differences between proficiency tests

Have you ever heard of the Duolingo app? Thousands of people have downloaded this free app to learn English. Although it can be used as an adjunct during the language learning process, it has some limitations.

To learn more about this topic, in today's post we will understand what DET (Duolingo English Test) and the TOEFL are, see their main differences and understand the main points about the Duolingo platform. Let´s go?!

Duolingo English Test (DET) and TOEFL: main differences between proficiency tests

Are we going to learn more about TOEFL and DET?

After all, what is TOEFL?

TOEFL is the acronym for Test of English as a Foreign Language. In other words, as its name reveals, it is an English proficiency exam for foreigners.

The TOEFL certifies whether a person can:

  • Express yourself in the language;
  • Understand it in its entirety.

That is, the TOEFL it is a standardized test built with minimal requirements to verify if a student is suitable for higher education in English. In addition, the test assesses your ability to understand and apply the English language in an academic context.

The exam comprises 4 requirements:

  • listening (oral interpretation);
  • reading (text interpretation);
  • writing (writing);
  • speaking (fluency and diction).

And what is Duolingo English Test (DET)?

Duolingo is a free language learning platform that has popularized online language learning. Even though it is a free platform, the app has the version plus pay. With the plus version, the user has no interruptions with advertisements, besides having other advantages.

According to Study Out Portal, the Duolingo English Test (DET) is an English test that offers a certificate of proficiency. So, at first glance, it might look similar to TOEFL and IELTS.

One difference from DET to more traditional tests (like TOEFL) is the fact that it does not have closed sections of readingwritinglistening and speaking. In this way, the questions arise randomly and the student needs to be able to quickly switch between these skills. 

Also, a specialist in the Portal Departed Exchange performed the DET and had the following opinion: “My impression when I finished the test was that the types of questions were not able to do an accurate level of English, especially because there was little charge for writing skills or textual interpretation. I believe that with little time and little writing activities, it is not possible to effectively assess this linguistic ability”.

General impressions about Duolingo

Regardless of DET, what are the most important points to keep in mind about Duolingo?

At the Complain here, there are 148 complaints involving Duolingo, none of which were answered by the platform. In other words, this ends up being a weak point for those who buy the plus version and ends up without after-sales support.

Furthermore, as the app is used by mobile phones, it is very tempting for the student to be distracted by other apps, making the process of learning the English language difficult.

Finally, it is difficult for a student to acquire fluency in English with Duolingo. To achieve fluency in English it is necessary to know and practice the language in several other ways. And, unfortunately, Duolingo doesn't provide these ways (source: Techblog).

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