Curso de inglês online o que você precisa saber na hora de escolher o seu

Online English course: what you need to know when choosing yours?

When choosing an online English course, a person needs to take into account some aspects to be able to achieve his main goal: command of the English language, right?!

So, in today's post, we'll understand why the demand for language courses has increased and see what to consider when choosing your online English course. Let´s go?!

The increase in search for English courses

According to the Magazine Exam, in recent years there has been an increase in the requirement of English for hiring professionals. According to the article, 91% of companies in Brazil demand knowledge in English, although less than 3% of the Brazilian population are fluent in English.

O Earth Portal points out that with the increase in remote work opportunities (online) for the foreign market, Brazilians need to prepare even more for mastering the English language.

For example, according to articles in the CanalTech and State of São Paulo, increased the demand of foreign companies for Brazilian professionals due to the high dollar and the popularization of the home office driven by the pandemic. Candidates interested in these opportunities, which can offer up to twice the salary in the national market, must be prepared to use English on a daily basis, in addition to the likely interview conducted in English.

If there is a greater search for English schools, especially online, what does one need to consider when choosing your course?

Online English course: what you need to know when choosing?

In recent years, the options for online English courses have multiplied.

However, the interested person needs to pay attention to some points when choosing the ideal course that helps to achieve their goals with learning the English language. Are we going to meet three of them?


The school's methodology was born digital and online or was hastily adapted due to pandemic? It is important to know the teaching-learning methods of the English school.

Skills worked

The English course needs to contemplate the practice of the four main skills:

  • To speak;
  • Listen;
  • To read;
  • To write.

If the course focuses on just a few of them, it is essential to reflect on whether this method meets your language needs. Mastering English depends on these four skills being stimulated in an integrated way.

Exercises and activities

A good English course has complementary exercises and activities, in several different formats, to measure the development of students' learning. Thus, each student will be able to know their evolution and points of improvement.

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