Entenda o que são os certificados de conclusão do curso de inglês e os certificados de proficiência, tais como o IELTS, TOEFL e TOEIC.

Online English course with certificate

If you have professional or academic goals, you know how essential English can be to achieve them, don't you?! Hence the big question: and what is the role of certificates in online English courses?

Therefore, in today's post, we will understand what English course completion certificates and certificates of proficiency are, such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC.

Online English course: how does the certificate issue work?

Some online english courses, as in the case of Uniway School, offer a certificate of completion for those students who have successfully completed their course. The certificate is a kind of document that certifies that the student has satisfactorily completed the English course.

Obviously, this certificate of completion, even more than a renowned English course (such as the Uniway School) can provide several opportunities, both in the labor market and in academia. Why? Because it attests that you dedicated (and completed) a certain course.

In addition, in the case of Uniway School, we offer exclusive plans geared towards those who want a certification of proficiency (which is different from the certificate of completion of the English course).

And is proficiency certification the same thing?

No. Proficiency certification is different from an English course completion certificate.

What is proficiency certification?

Speaking a second language, today, is a requirement in a series of selection processes. In some of these cases, it is not enough to know: it is necessary to prove that you know. That's where certificates of proficiency come in (source: Student Guide).  

According to the organization Study abroad, English proficiency certificates are one of the essential documents for those who want to study abroad or apply for some types of visa (such as work).

Key proficiency certifications

Next, we'll learn about the main English proficiency certifications.


IELTS is an acronym for International English Language Test System. It is an international certification with wide recognition of English proficiency.


And how does IELTS work? The exam assesses some skills, such as: 

  • Listening (listening comprehension); 
  • Reading (reading);
  • Writing (writing); 
  • Speaking (conversation).


O TOEFL is the acronym for Test of English as a Foreign Language. In other words, as the name reveals, it is an English language proficiency exam for foreigners.

The TOEFL certifies whether a person can:

  • Express yourself in the language;
  • Understand it in its entirety.

In other words, the TOEFL is a standardized test built with minimum requirements to verify that a student is able to pursue higher education in English.

The most common tests are the TOEFL IBT and TOEFL ITP. Here you can meet our TOEFL Simulation Platform.

already the test TOEFL®Essentials™  is a more recent category, with the first tests starting in August 2021.

The purpose of Essentials it's about examining English proficiency in a wider variety of environments than just the university environment. As such, it is comprised of 50% of academic content and 50% of General English. Also, it has a much more affordable price.

Another feature of Essentials: it includes a variety of accents and situations from around the world, thus offering a more global character.


TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication. That is, it is a test that is used to measure English language proficiency for foreigners.

Unlike the TOEFL exams, TOEIC is targeted at the job market. Most countries require a TOEIC certificate in order for foreigners to work.

TOEIC test questions are based on common situations in the work environment and in the business world. Therefore, it is not directed to the academic world (as is the case with TOEFL).

Even for those who do not intend to work abroad, having a TOEIC certificate can be important for their career, as it is required by some multinational companies.

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