Entenda a importância do inglês para os negócios e veja nossas dicas de como melhorar o seu inglês

How can I improve my English?

Although fluency in English is an exception in Brazil (less than 5% dominate this language), many people have some notions of the language, even at the beginning or intermediate level.

Because they are already in the job market, many professionals are looking for smart solutions to improve their English. In other words, they are looking to improve their language for business and the corporate market, and not follow classes that teach “the book is on the table”.

Therefore, in today's post we will understand the importance of English for business and see some tips on how to improve English.

The importance of English for business

THE Magazine Você S/A explains that corporate leaders believe that communicating well in English is an important differential.

That's why many candidates, anxious to get a good job, put "fluent English" on their resume without even having an intermediate level. If the selection process goes ahead, it is not uncommon for all the insecurity (and shame) at the time of the interview in English.

What does all this demonstrate? In short, that companies want to attract professionals capable of communicating well in English.

But many people don't feel that safe and need to improve their English. So, how to improve this second language?

After all, how can I improve my English?

Here are some tips to help you improve your English.

pronunciation of words

For those who want to improve their English in the area of pronunciation, a tip of Study Abroad portal is the use of some online dictionaries, such as Cambridge dictionaries and Merriam-Webster.

They show, in addition to the definition of the word, an audio clip with its pronunciation.

read to the mirror

O Brazil School Portal brings a different tip, but that can generate good results. Reading must be allied to the search for the correct pronunciation. Therefore, reading to the mirror can help to gain confidence in speech. Thus, it is important to read aloud and listen to your own voice.  

Watch movies and series in English

It is possible to improve English through movies and series from Netflix, for example. Obviously, this strategy needs to be complementary to a more dedicated study and with a personalized methodology according to the needs of each student.

How to improve English for the corporate world?

For those who want to improve and improve their English for the job market, Uniway School has created an online solution aimed exactly at these professional goals.

This new English course covers the main topics and skill areas required by people working in a modern business environment.

Topical focus areas can be selected to meet the individual needs of each student in a personalized way.

main focuses

  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • customer relations
  • finance
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Marketing

In addition, all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) are integrated to stimulate and facilitate the learning process, with the emphasis on fluency and grammatical accuracy.

Want to improve your English? come to Uniway School. We are one of the best online English schools and we are present in over 50 countries. Do you know why? because we are one edtech and we are always innovating.

Our digital methodology was developed so that everyone achieves the best results, including professionals already in the job market.

Talk now with one of our consultants and see the special conditions. And do you want to keep updating yourself? Always follow the news from our blog.

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