Está querendo aprender inglês de maneira rápida? Veja aqui nossas dicas para você desenvolver o inglês com fluência

How to learn English fast?

More than ever, English has become essential as the most globalized form of communication. According to Exam Portal, in a study by Hays, English appears as the most requested language in the internal communication of companies (with 91%), followed by Spanish (with 42%). However, on the other hand, according to a survey by Catho, only 5% of the Brazilian population speaks a second language and less than 3% are fluent in English. And to fill this gap, many students and professionals want to find ways to learn English fast.

That's why, in today's post, we'll learn some tips to learn English quickly.

constancy always

Once you've started to put into practice the goal of learning English, it's essential to keep the pace, that is, practice every day. You know that “summer project” going to the gym? In the beginning, it is certainly more difficult to integrate activities into a daily routine.

However, after a certain moment, this routine becomes more fluid. Learning a new language is like that too: after a while, it becomes natural in your daily life.

Here we made a very interesting post with tips to stop translating and start thinking in english. Worth reading.

do an exchange

Another way to develop your English quickly is to do a exchange. But whoever thinks that an exchange involves a 12 or 24 month project is wrong. There are shorter formats, such as extension courses. With this immersion in the language, you will surely learn English much faster.

Furthermore, when doing this immersion (whether for a month, two months, six months or a year), the person has the need to understand English and to express himself through it. And ends up not worrying about possible mistakes: the important thing is to communicate. This brings more speed, fluency and naturalness to communication in English.

Talking to natives without shame of being corrected

Speaking with native speakers is a way to develop your English quickly. Obviously your communication will have errors, but the goal is not perfection: it's communication. In addition, you must not be ashamed of being corrected: as you are having dialogues with natives, it is important that they correct your mistakes so that you can learn in a practical and non-theoretical way.

take a good course

Taking an excellent English course can make all the difference in your learning, especially if you want to learn fast. The course needs to be flexible according to the needs and goals of each student.

Furthermore, with everyone's busy routine, an English course that uses technology as a learning tool is important.

For example, in the case of Uniway, we have an online English platform: Our Complete English Discoveries solution presents:

  • Teaching and learning materials in digital format (free paper) with the possibility of being printed by the student.
  • Online and offline general English platform (English Discoveries): Composed of ten learning courses from basic to advanced level (C1) with a study network each.

Did you like to learn more about how to learn English faster? Uniway is one of the best online English schools and we are present in over 50 countries. Do you know why? because we are one edtech and we are always innovating.

In addition, our digital methodology is designed for everyone to achieve the best results, regardless of age.  

Talk now with one of our consultants and see the super special conditions. And do you want to keep updating yourself? Always follow the news from our blog.

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