Entenda os efeitos da pandemia na educação e veja as principais mudanças nas edtechs de idiomas

How has the pandemic transformed education?

The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus generated several impacts on education, both for students and educational institutions. The digital transformation has accelerated, even though it is already a strong trend in several segments, such as language teaching.

Therefore, in today's post we will understand the effects of the pandemic on education and see the main changes in language edtechs, especially in relation to English teaching.

How has the pandemic transformed education around the world?

With the pandemic, various sectors of society had to reinvent themselves to continue functioning (whether fully or partially functioning). And education has undergone profound changes in recent months.

According to the Foundation Institute of Administration (FIA), technology and distance learning became allies to continue the teaching-learning process.

The use of technology in education

According to We Forum, even before the pandemic, there was already a trend towards the adoption of new technologies in the educational area, with global investments in edtech reaching US$ 18.66 billion (2019).

In addition to this change in relation to all instruments, there was also a new perception on the part of students about the importance of some courses.

Teaching English with the pandemic: new perspectives

The portal HR World points out that social isolation made many professionals focus on greater training for the labor market through courses.

O Earth explains that learning a second language gained even more importance after the start of the pandemic. In this way, this goal has entered the priorities of many people of all ages.

For example, in the case of language learning, such as English, it is known that only between 2% and 5% of the Brazilian population is fluent. As many companies expanded during the pandemic into new markets, many language schools saw their student growth grow by up to 85%.

So, whether through language apps, virtual classes, video conferencing tools or online learning software, there has been a significant increase in use since the beginning of the pandemic (source: We Forum).

These technological tools will be increasingly present in the pedagogical methodology, with the application of gamification, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, among others.

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