Simulado TOEFL

TOEFL simulation: get to know the Uniway practice and simulation platform

Before taking the TOEFL proficiency test, many people look to drills to get an estimate of performance. And did you know that Uniway

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How to take an extension course abroad?

You've probably already heard about the extension format, haven't you? But, for those who still have doubts, let's clarify. One

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TOEFL®️ ™ ️ Essentials test: what do you need to know about this new exam?

Did you know that ETS recently launched a new type of English language proficiency assessment? That's right: just left the

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What are the best universities to study in Canada?

For those who are thinking about going to college abroad, they have certainly faced the dilemma: United States or Canada? One of the points to

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How to study in the United States on a full scholarship?

Studying a college abroad is the dream of many Brazilian students. And among the destination countries, the United States is certainly part of

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