Uniway is present in more than 50 countries

It is not only Brazilian students who know about the importance of the English language for the job market. People of the most diverse nationalities dream of study abroad. Daily, thousands of budgets are made for these students eager for new experiences.

However, for this, it is often essential to have good marks in English proficiency exams.

Beginning in March 2021, students in more than 50 countries began to have access to more information and budgets to study with Uniway. Like? Through the Edvisor platform.

In today's post we will understand more about the partnership between Uniway and Edvisor. Are you curious or curious ?! Let´s go!

But what is Edvisor?

Edvisor is an online platform that connects schools and agents around the world in real time. According to the platform itself, more than 5,000 daily budget searches are made for courses and programs.

And what is the scope of this? Through Edvisor, it is possible for a school or program to have an international expansion, being present in more than 50 countries and being able to receive enrollments from students from all over the world.

Other Edvisor numbers:

  • Over 8,500 registered agents;
  • More than 1,500 schools on the platform.

The importance of Uniway is present in global platforms

As we have seen in the last few posts, the Uniway is edtech.

In practice, Uniway aims to bring innovation to the education sector, more specifically for the teaching of the English language geared towards preparing for proficiency exams, such as the TOEFLTOEIC and IELTS.

And in order to actually innovate, it is necessary to develop partnerships with other creative companies that have a global reach.

And this is the proposal of Edvisor: making it more accessible for students to have international academic experiences. And now, Uniway is the newest partner!

With this, it is present in more than 50 countries, always focusing on English proficiency exams.

How about studying with an edtech that is present in more than 50 countries? Talk now with someone on our team and start studying in a totally digital and stimulating environment.

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