The importance of English in the job market: new opportunities

A few decades ago, need for the english language for the work environment was limited to some very specific situations:

  • Senior management positions;
  • Multinational and the position required constant interaction with units in other countries;
  • Opportunities for work outside the country.

However, with the intensification of globalization, interactions have expanded considerably: today, organizations of the most diverse sizes may have needs for professionals with English skills.

In today's post we will explain the importance of English in the job market, as well as the new opportunities that mastery of this language can open up. Are you curious or curious ?! Let´s go!

New opportunities that the mastery of English can bring to the job market: what is the profile of these companies?

In addition to job opportunities at multinationals located in Brazil, there is also the possibility of applying for vacancies in Brazilian companies that have branches abroad.

But what many people end up taking little into account is the fact that small companies also have business relationships with foreign companies, either as suppliers or as customers.

There is also the issue of training and qualifications that are taught in English, either in face-to-face or digital format, as well as technical books. In this case, mastering English will allow for a constant update, without the limits of the language.

The importance of English in the job market

Yea, learning English has become even more important in the last years. However, if you are applying for a vacancy that has this requirement, do not be discouraged.

Many companies, despite having this requirement for the vacancy, can be flexible if the candidate has other qualifications for the vacancy and, more importantly, show interest in acquiring this skill.

The most important thing is to be very sincere during the interview about your command of the language.

Also, make it clear that you know that English is important and are already taking an innovative and well-targeted course for proficiency certifications.

This is what Uniway offers: online English courses with a totally innovative methodology. Do you know why? Because we are one edtech, that is, a startup focused on education.

Talk now with someone on our team and start studying in a totally digital and stimulating environment.

And do you want to keep updating? Always follow the news of our blog.

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