The importance of TOEIC certification to work abroad

A lot of people dream of working at a multinational or opening up the international job market, right ?! But to realize that dream, it is often necessary to have a proficiency certification in the English language. And one of these certificates is the TOEIC.

In today's post, we'll explain a little bit about the TOEIC test.  Let´s go?!

After all, what is TOEIC?

TOEIC means Test of English for International Communication. That is, it is a test that is used to measure English language proficiency for foreigners.

Unlike the TOEFL exams, TOEIC is targeted at the job market. Most countries require a TOEIC certificate in order for foreigners to work.

Even for those who do not intend to work abroad, having a TOEIC certificate can be important for the career, as it is required by some multinational companies.

TOEIC test questions are based on common situations in the work environment and in the business world. Therefore, it is not directed to the academic world (as is the case with TOEFL).

The institution responsible for the TOEIC and the same for the TOEFL: Educational Testing Service (ETS).

How is the structure of the TOEIC test?

The TOEIC currently has 200 questions, of which:

  • Listening: 100 questions to assess listening comprehension (duration: 45 minutes);
  • Reading: 100 to evaluate the reading (duration: 75 minutes).

In addition, the TOEIC test result is given by a score. That is, the individual is not disapproved. If the person does not obtain the desired score, it is possible to retake the assessment.

The points are added up by the correct answers, totaling a maximum of 990.

And, according to the scoring interval, the person receives a color-ranked certificate, being:

  • Green: 470 to 725 points;
  • Blue: 730 to 855 points;
  • Gold: 900 to 990 points.

Main advantages of TOEIC

According to its objective, TOEIC can be the ideal certification. Furthermore:

  • In comparison to other more academic and theoretical tests, the TOEIC is considered lighter and more pleasant;
  • He is internationally recognized;
  • The investment for certification is less.

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