Você está procurando uma escola de inglês? Veja os 5 erros mais comum cometidos por quem busca uma escola de idiomas

5 biggest mistakes when choosing your English course

Many people, when choosing their English course, end up not taking into account essential aspects that should guide their assessment and end up making several mistakes.

Therefore, in today's post we will see the 5 most common mistakes made by those looking for a language school. Let´s go?!

5 biggest mistakes when choosing your English course

Are you looking for an English course? Here we separate the 5 biggest mistakes made by those who are looking for a language school.

Mistake 1: Starting a course without knowing your own profile

A very common mistake when choosing an English course is not thinking first about what your own goals and expectations are in relation to learning the language in order to understand if the English course meets them.

So start with yourself:

  • What you want?
  • How long?
  • When are you going to devote yourself to studying the language?
  • How much are you willing to invest?
  • What motivates you when studying?

Mistake 2: Thinking that every school is the same!

No, schools are very different. Each has a methodology, teaching material, faculty and uses technology differently.

Therefore, it is important to understand the characteristics, methodology and proposal of classes at each school in order to know which one best suits your goals.

Mistake 3: Paying large amounts for long courses

If your goal is to be able to learn English in a practical and fast way, then it is important to evaluate and compare the cost-benefit ratio of each English course.

Many franchises offer courses that take 10 semesters and that, not always, have a method that will work, for example, with adults.

Mistake 4: Cast Model for All Types of Students

sesi explains that, for a long time, most schools in Brazil (whether language or not) followed the traditional teaching method. And, after all, what is this traditional method?

This means that in classrooms there was always a teacher as the central figure in learning, who had the task of transmitting all the content. Sitting and lined up, it was up to the students to absorb the materials and then prove that everything was assimilated through tests and assessments.

In this way, it is clear that traditional education, widespread from the 18th century in Europe, considers that all individuals learn in the same way.

However, in the last decades, some changes have appeared, mainly decentralizing the role of the teacher, in addition to taking into account the fact that people learn in different ways. These are the active methodologies that place the student as the main agent in the teaching-learning process.

Therefore, a common mistake is not evaluating the methodology of the English course and then coming across a traditional method that is totally immobilized. Personalized classes with constant interaction and exchange of ideas between the teacher and students stimulate critical thinking and simulate real classroom situations. In other words, dynamic and creative classes facilitate the students' learning process.

Mistake 5: Thinking the teacher and books are enough

This is one of the biggest mistakes when choosing an English course. Many people feel that, to learn English, it is enough to enroll in a school, participate in classes and then do the homework proposed in the workbooks.

Make no mistake: it takes dedication beyond classes and exercises.

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