Veja a importância do inglês para o mercado de trabalho e conheça nossas 3 dicas para você aprender inglês rápido para o mundo corporativo

3 tips on how to learn English for the job market

Many people who start taking an English course are discouraged due to outdated and distant methodologies from the job market. They learn simple expressions and cannot associate these learnings with “real life” and, after a few months, they end up giving up.

Therefore, it is essential to find a English course that has an attractive methodology for people who don't have time to waste and want to learn true corporate English, the one that really matters for the job market.

Therefore, in today's post we are going to know some tips on how to learn English for the job market.

The importance of English for the job market

Yes, knowing English makes a difference in the curriculum. According to the You S/A, English can often be the deciding factor for admission to a job vacancy, even more so at times when placements in the market are so disputed.

A study by Cambridge English Language Assessment found that 95% of employers in non-native English speaking countries consider English to be important and recognize it as the language of business.

3 tips on how to learn English for the job market

For those who don't have time to waste and want to develop their English focused on the job market, check out the 3 tips that Uniway has separated for you!

Tip 1: Insert English into your daily routine

It is possible to expand your contact with English through simple habits in your daily life. For example, reading the news in English or watching the news: in addition to staying informed, you also train your English.

Another tip is to change the official language of your cell phone: this way, you will exercise your brain to perform commands in English.

For those who like to keep up to date in their area of training or performance, the tip is to take courses or watch videos in the area in English. Thus, in addition to updating, he also trains the most common technical expressions of his work.

Tip 2: Entertainment in English

Did you know that through many entertainment options it is also possible to quickly learn business English? For example, you can watch movies and series from the organizational universe, which will put you in touch with English contextualized to that reality. 

There are several movies/series on Netflix in the fields of Law, Medicine, Business, Engineering, Fashion, Human Resources, Finance… just explore the streaming service to find them!

Tip 3: Choose the online English course focused on the corporate world

There's no escaping it: no matter how hard you try to develop your English, it's essential to be inserted in a personalized methodology that is focused on the same objective: English for the job market.

In addition, that the methodology takes into account the need to speed to learn a new language.

English for the job market is with Uniway

For those who want to improve and improve their English for the job market, Uniway School has created an online solution aimed exactly at this professional objective.

This new English course covers the main topics and skill areas required by people working in a modern business environment. Main focuses:

  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • customer relations
  • finance
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Marketing

In addition, all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) are integrated to stimulate and facilitate the learning process, with the emphasis on fluency and grammatical accuracy.

Want to improve your English? come to Uniway School. We are present in over 50 countries.

Our digital methodology was developed so that everyone achieves the best results, including professionals already in the job market.

Talk now with one of our consultants and see the special conditions. And do you want to keep updating yourself? Always follow the news from our blog.

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